What's New at MCATD

We are changing the way we handle registrations for the MCATD program for all modules that start after May 19, 2017.

These will be handled through the Schullich Executive Education Centre website. For more information and to register for modules that start after May 19, 2017, please click here.

February 17, 2017

We are delighted to announce an important development for the MCATD Certificate Programs.

Since 2011, we have had an informal partnership with SEEC/Schulich (the Executive Education Program at York University). While this has worked well in some ways, we have never really been a formal part of SEEC, and therefore have not had all the benefits/resources of the SEEC organization (ie: great marketing for the program, insured space for every module, delicious lunches every day of every module, sponsorship of our graduation ceremony, on-going infrastructural support, etc.).

As of May 31st, 2017, starting with the summer offering of Module 1S2017, we will have formalized our new relationship with SEEC. MCATD will benefit in all of the ways outlined above, while insuring the program’s sustainability over the long-term.

What this means for you, if you are continuing, or beginning the program on May 31st, 2017, is:

1. Essentially the same amazing group of facilitators as previously, except for the following changes:

Heather Ramsey and Larry Johanson (Module 5) have retired, as have Jon Wagner and Russ Milland (Module 7).

Kevin Guerin will design Module 7 with two new facilitators, and will work with a team of 4 other new people to help them design and co-lead (in rotating pairs) an updated version of Module 5 – focusing specifically on facilitation in a training context.

The new facilitators joining our team are all graduates of our program, as follows:

  • Dave Donaldson (Module 5)
  • Bindi Doshi (Module 5)
  • Quintin Fox (Module 5)
  • Natasha Toney (Module 5)
  • Carly Inglis (Module 7)
  • Shawn Pariag (Module 7)

Please give these folks a warm welcome to our team! Here they are in their first planning session in December, 2016:

2. While we are maintaining all of the modules previously offered, we need to re-structure the module fees for the program (while still charging much less than other SEEC certificate programs and market comparable programs). In order to offer you more value for the higher fee, we have added your choice of Module 6 (Designing E-learning) or Module 7 (Facilitating E-learning) to the core modules. Now you can choose which of these two modules you want to take as part of your core program, with no additional fee. If you take the second one as well, whether during your core program or later, you can earn the MCATD with “Advanced Standing” or “Advanced Standing with Distinction” – two additional certificates!

3. Module 1 will now be 2 days instead of 3 – to help accommodate these changes.

4. You will now register for MCATD directly through the SEEC website. Please click here to access the website..

5.Marilyn Laiken will continue as the Program Director.

If you are currently registered in the program, even if your participation extends beyond the transition on May 31st, all of the current policies will continue to apply to you. There will be no changes except for faculty in Modules 5 and 7, which goes into effect for the next offering of those modules. For you, modules 6 and 7 continue to be optional, to earn the Advanced Certificate, as in the past.

Best wishes in your MCATD program,

The MCATD Team