Planning Your Practicum Workshop

If you are outside of the MCATD program policy of 1 year to complete your practicum report, then this 2-hour workshop is designed for you. With your attendance in the Planning your Practicum the program will be able to offer you a one-time 6 month extension towards completing your practicum report and receiving your masters’ certification.

During the 2-hours, you will complete a draft proposal for your practicum. Louise Grummitt and Chris Hutcheson, MCATD practicum advisors, will work with you to select the practicum option that best supports your personal learning goals and those from the MCATD, generate ideas and select a topic and group of learners, write your practicum proposal and commit to a date for completing your practicum.

Participants have told us they sometimes find the practicum process challenging, if so you are welcome to join us. If you choose to attend this evening while you are completing your modules, this does not extend your one-year time-line for submission – that is, the practicum is still completed within one-year from your last module. Attendance is not mandatory.

Upcoming Session Dates