Program Information & Policies

Module Locations & Times

SEEC/MCATD Masters Certificate in Adult Training & Development training/learning modules take place in downtown Toronto at our training location with the Schulich Executive Education Centre, Miles S. Nadal Management Centre at King/Bay Streets. Module information will be emailed to you three weeks in advance of the module start date. Please ensure acceptance through your email provider.

Program Fees

As of May 31, 2017, starting with the summer offering of Module 1S2017, we will have formalized our new relationship with The Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University. You will register for MCATD directly through the SEEC web-site:

Option 1:           Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development with Advanced Standing


5 core modules

1 optional e-learning module


Option 2:           Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development, Advanced Standing with Distinction


5 core modules

2 optional e-learning modules


Option 3:           Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development


5 core modules


Option for individual module sign up:

3 days module to be priced equivalent to 3 days SEEC program fee of $2,950 plus HST
2 days module to be priced equivalent to 2 days SEE program fee of $2,450 plus HST

Option for individual practicum sign up is $400.00 plus HST

Membership with The Institute of Performance and Learning (IPL)

MCATD is a valued founding member of The Institute of Performance and Learning (formerly the CSTD). You may qualify for a student membership with The Institute for Performance and Learning and a credit of one year towards the work experience. 

We recognize the CTDP professional designation in partnership with our practicum requirement, as option 3. If you are interested in joining we can offer current participants a MCATD program letter in order for you to receive a reduced rate. Please contact the program office.

Registration Policy

We do not specify any prerequisites as requirements to register for our Masters Certificate program. This is a business and industry professional development program taught experientially at the masters level of education. SEEC/MCATD Masters Certificate in Adult Training & Development is eligible for employer tuition waivers. As such MCATD is not available for OSAP funding.

Attendance Policy

The SEEC/MCATD Masters Certificate in Adult Training & Development is an experientially based program that involves working in groups, and compresses a considerable amount of information into a short timeframe.

You must attend all three days of each module to be eligible for your Masters Certificate in Adult Training & Development. If you learn in advance that this will not be possible, please contact the program manager to re-book the affected module at a more suitable time. 

If an emergency or an event that prevents you from attending arises during your attendance at a module, please inform the program manager and the facilitators as soon as possible. If you miss or cannot attend any part of a module the program manager will assist you with re-booking into another module to make-up the attendance time. Medical certificates will be accepted. The facilitator will determine whether it is possible for you to re-enter the module, attend at a later date, or whether some form of alternate assignment is feasible. 

The Schulich Executive Education Centre is committed to providing a scent free learning environment for you and our facilitators. Please avoid wearing any perfumes, colognes, or other scents when attending the MCATD program modules. We thank you for being mindful of this. 

Certificate Completion Policy

We have developed our program to suit the needs of adult learners and working professionals. You will see that the modules are arranged in clusters of 3 full in-class weekdays, usually on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The modules may be taken in the order that suits your scheduling needs; however, you are welcomed to take the modules in order. 

In order to achieve the best learning environment and the quality of experiential learning for you, we limit the number of participants in each module. When there is a waiting list for a module, please register and you will automatically be placed in chronological order on the waiting list.

Participants must complete all 5 core modules (MCATD) within a 2-year period or all 7 modules (AMCATD) within a 3-year period in order to be entitled to complete a practicum and be eligible to receive the masters certificate status. Completed is defined as having attended all 3 days of the module and participated in all group activities; a pass/fail grading is assigned to each module. Once all 5 or 7 modules have been completed, the practicum report component must be submitted within 1 year after the last module that you attended. Please keep in contact with the program office throughout this process.

Extensions for the modules completion date and the practicum due date cannot be considered unless there is a medical reason. One month's notice with the accompanying medical certificate is required to request an extension to the practicum due date.

The practicum fee must be paid when the practicum proposal is submitted.

Withdrawal Policy

In order to insure the best possible learning experience for all participants’ space in each module is limited. To cancel or withdraw your registration in a single module the MCATD program office must receive written notification no later than two weeks, ten business days, prior to the start date of the program module you are withdrawing from. If you have withdrawn from the same module twice in a row, please contact the program office for permission as this may affect your module completion timeline. Failure to provide sufficient notice of withdrawal will result in the full cancellation fee. The late withdrawal fee is not transferable to another module.

In order to cancel/withdraw registration in a full program session of all five modules the MCATD program office must receive written notification no later than four weeks, twenty business days, prior to the start date of the first program module you are withdrawing from.

Within the MCATD policy of two weeks’ notice, if you do not wish to transfer the fee from the module you have withdrawn from towards registration in a future module then a refund will be issued upon written request, minus the mandatory $141.25 (HST included) program administration fee.

Request for Letter of Completion

The SEEC/MCATD Masters Certificate in Adult Training & Development can offer you a Letter of Completion. Please provide us with two weeks notice and delivery instructions. Once you have attended a module the letter will be emailed to you within 1 week after the module completion.