Sandra Harris , M.Ed.

Sandra is the principal of Synergy Management Consulting and has over 35 years of combined business and consulting experience.  After 10 successful years in the highly competitive telecommunications field she attended OISE/UofT and acquired her M.Ed. Sandra accumulated invaluable Organizational Development experience with a top international consulting firm doing projects for many of Canada's largest companies, such as Bell Canada, Scotiabank, Sheridan College and GlaxoSmithKline.  For the past 15 years Sandra's focus has been the health care sector in general and hospitals in particular.  Sandra’s healthcare clients include the University Health Network, CAMH, Lakeridgde Health and Mackenzie Health, to name a few. Her offerings include customized training and education, team building, conflict resolution, facilitation and leadership coaching.  All of Sandra's work is premised on fostering collaboration, engagement and respect, and helping people resolve issues in a safe and supportive manner.  The thought leaders that most influence Sandra are Positive Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry and Humble Inquiry.  You can contact Sandra by e-mailing her at