Practicum - Frequently Asked Questions

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As long as you are within the 1-year time frame for completing your practicum, the workshop is optional. For more information please refer to or contact

Contact the office at They can either answer your question or redirect you to the appropriate advisor.

If the proposal includes the information provided on this page it will more than likely meet our requirements. You can contact the MCATD office if you have any questions, but we generally suggest that you simply submit the proposal as is. If we have any questions or require further clarification we'll get back to you. We like to keep the process as easy as possible for everyone, and have found this approach works best. 

Please do not submit your proposal before registering and paying your practicum fee.

Yes, in many cases this is the option selected by participants.

The practicum is intended to provide you with an opportunity to use skills you acquired during the MCATD modules. Training you developed and delivered prior to attending the program would not provide you with this opportunity so your proposal will not be approved. A possible exception would be where you were reviewing an existing program/project with the intention of making significant revisions. For example you might want to make a lecture-based program more interactive, revise it to respond to changing needs, or take a classroom-based workshop to an elearning or distance format.

There is no fixed length, though usually we find the body of the report runs about 12 pages or so. The easiest way to complete your report is to refer to the evaluation sheet for your particular option. It's most important that your report adequately covers those criteria, regardless of its length.

Contact the program office at or 416.460.9136 If necessary we will direct you to the appropriate practicum advisor.